Village Representatives

Village Representatives

Board of Trustees – Elected Officials

  • Mayor – Michael J. Buttaccio
  • Trustee – William F. Henry
  • Trustee –  Charles E. Fine

Board of Trustees meeting is the first Monday of every month at 6:00 pm

Village Office – Appointed Positions:

  • Clerk/Treasurer – Rita J. Gurewitch
  • Deputy Clerk/Treasurer – Nichole M. Ruggles

Zoning Board of Appeals  Appointed for 5 year term

  • Chairman – Michael Migliaccio
  • Co-Chariman – Donald Miller
  • Members – Vincent DelGatto, Jr., John Yacuzzo,  Bernard Commisso

The Zoning Board of Appeals determines whether or not exceptions should be made to the zoning laws. Meeting are upon demand the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm

Planning Board  Appointed for 5 year terms

  • Chairman – Judy Robinson
  • Co-Chairman – Jake Kennelly
  • Members – Patricia Skolny, Laurent Gurewitch, Jon Foster
  • Alternate: – Sean Schumacher

The Planning Board study plans for new construction and determine if it is in conformance with zoning laws. Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer

  • Steven DeHond 
  • Marty Burnett
  • Telephone: 289-3010 ext. 4

Duties include approving permits and inspecting new construction to determine if project is in conformance with the zoning laws.

Village Maintenance Employees

  • Public Works Supervisor –  George Hotchkiss
  • Public Works Assistant – Edward Ruthven
  • Motor Equipment Operator – Sean Sheets
  • Laborer – TBD
  • Part Time Laborer – vacant

Manchester-Shortsville Joint Sewer Treatment Facility

  • Chief Wastewater Operator – Ralph Naffziger
  • Wastewater Operator  – Chris Campbell

Law Enforcement / Fire Department 

  • Emergency Dial 911
  • Police – Dial 911
  • Fire Department Chief – Richard Yahn 

We utilize the Town of Manchester Justices of the Peace

Village Attorney


Village Historian

Nancy W. Johnsen

Animal Control

Ontario County Humane Society – Telephone: 396-4590